What Is vCIO & vCISO,

What Is vCIO & vCISO, How Can They Transform Your Business?

Virtual CIO’s and virtual CISO’s are becoming popular hires for large and small business owners alike. This article explains how the support of these key individuals could transform your company.

Small-medium enterprise/business owners face a unique challenge on the market. They must keep costs for their company under control while still maintaining the same quality of service and effective solution offered by larger companies.

In an age where everything is digital, to cope with this challenge, many jobs and roles in businesses are now virtual. This is a cost-effective way to access the support you need without the issues of a high cost or an extra paycheck. Virtual CIOs and virtual CISO’s are two of the key services that you can consider using in your SME model.

vCIO explained

A virtual CIO will serve as your chief information officer and operate on a flexible basis. Their main goal is to plan out a long term vision for your business and put an effective strategy into action. At the same time, a vCIO will work to accomplish these goals within the budget of your business. Typically, SME’s will hire these professionals through an IT consulting service firm.

Why Do You Need A Virtual CIO?

Technology is always going to be a key element of your business model. Without your tech working effectively, you are going to struggle to operate effectively. This is particularly true for SME’s that are largely based online.

However, it’s possible that you have outsourced your information technology services or set up your own IT team. Regardless, you could benefit from a vCIO. They can help support you with individual projects or on a month by month basis and ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, handling key decision-making tasks.

A vCIO can also bring a fresh perspective to key challenges that you could be facing with your IT setup. They can make recommendations about replacing legacy systems or adopting the right practices. Essentially, you get the expertise you need at a price you can afford.

vCISO Explained

A vCISO. is a virtual chief information security officer. Currently, it’s possible that you don’t have a chief security expert on your team. If that’s the case using a vCISO is going to be a great benefit to you. Again, this is another cost-effective solution to your business and a key way to deal with the issue of cyber security.

vCISO’s will work with you to gain in-depth understanding of your business and put the right IT cyber security in place. A vCISO can always be on hand to ensure that risks and issues with cyber security threats are dealt with effectively, particularly as your business continues to grow.

Why Do You Need A vCISO?

You might assume that your business isn’t vulnerable to a cyber threat. However, if you are running an SME the reality is that you could be more at risk from dangerous activities such as hacking and phishing.

For instance, phishing occurs when key individuals in your company are targeted for personal information and security details. Since they often have limited knowledge of the potential danger they accidentally give this information away freely.

Phishing attacks can lead to malware or even ransomware being installed on your business servers. If this occurs, your business can be held to ransom until you pay out to the group of hackers that have targeted your business.

However, you will require the support of an expert. A professional vCISO will provide a bespoke cyber security strategy that matches the needs and requirements of your company. Their technical expertise can be key to preventing an issue with a data breach.

Due to new regulations, you could even be held liable and be hit with a fine that you couldn’t possibly afford to pay. A vCISO will work to ensure that your business is compliant with the latest regulations regarding cyber security threats and guarantee that you have the right level of internet security.

With a solution like this, as well as preventing a hack, you could fill the gaps in your security system and ensure that your business is no longer vulnerable to these types of issues.

Hackers also view SMEs as easy targets because they don’t have the right level of awareness or the resources in place to protect the company. With the support of a vCISO, you can find innovative ways to secure your business and avoid losing the trust of your customers.

Do be aware that when you are protecting your business, you are also protecting the interest of your clients. When a criminal hacks into your business, they will often steal personal data relating to your customers. If this leads to them suffering from an issue such as identity theft, they will hold your company accountable for not having the right security in place. With a vCISO, the cyber-attack that leads to this could be prevented.

It’s more essential than ever before that SME’s do keep their costs under control so that they can remain flexible on a constantly shifting market. However, this should not come at the expense of the right IT strategy or the best defense from cyber security threats. With the support of a vCIO and a vCISO, small businesses can gain the support they need to deal with numerous issues while continuing to keep the costs under control.

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