What are citizen outcomes and how can they be improved?

What are citizen outcomes and how can they be improved? Find out how the UK public sector is taking steps to improve the lives of citizens and society as a whole.

As the UK economy struggles to overcome the industrial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many citizens are already beginning to feel the effects of a looming recession. With unemployment figures rising and greater reliance on state support, there is widespread concern about the future.

However, the UK isn’t alone. Virtually every country in the world has been impacted by coronavirus. As a result, the global economy has shown increased fragility. In fact, many countries are on the brink of a recession.

Despite this, public sector organisations are focusing on improving citizen outcomes as the country begins to recover from COVID-19. While the pandemic is still on-going, transmission rates have reduced substantially, and industries have returned from their enforced hiatus. Although the effects of the outbreak will be felt for years, the emphasis on support for individuals highlights the importance that’s placed on citizen outcomes

What are Citizen Outcomes?

The term ‘citizen outcomes’ has been given a variety of definitions. Generally, however, it’s used to refer to the individual outcomes for citizens in relation to the work of the UK public sector. The public sector impacts the day-to-day life of individuals more than anything else. From healthcare and frontline services to tax rates and education; the public sector is largely – if not wholly – responsible for the quality of life that citizens are afforded.

It’s essential, therefore, that the UK public sector operates with maximum efficiency, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. As the public sector contributes significantly to the UK’s GDP, buoyancy in this area of the market has a considerable impact on the country’s economy. Additionally, the UK public sector employs around 16.5% of the national workforce . When it’s performing well, employment rates increase and lead directly to better outcomes for individual citizens.

Delivering Better Citizen Outcomes

Measuring citizen outcomes is a tricky business, which means it’s difficult to determine when they improve and, if so, by exactly how much. Some studies focus on average household income, while others look at citizen engagement and use of local services. While there are no universally accepted criteria for measuring citizen outcomes, many researchers maintain that citizen outcomes can only be ranked and reported by citizens themselves.

To improve citizen outcomes, it’s clear that the UK public sector needs to maintain or improve its productivity. By delivering more for less, local councils, government departments and community organisations can expand their services without increasing tax rates.

Fortunately, the public sector is embracing new concepts and adopting new technology in a bid to enhance its operations and deliver better citizen outcomes. Indeed, the combination of people and technology is facilitating a higher rate of citizen engagement and enabling individuals to play an active role in improving the services they’re currently receiving. As both the private and public sectors make use of evolving technology to improve outputs and enhance connectivity, there are reasons to be optimistic that citizen outcomes will improve considerably in the future.

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