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SOC as a Service at Gemraj Technologies Ltd

GTL SOC provides round-the-clock threat detection and response services for better results, peace of mind and lower cost.

Keeping your business secure online may sound simple but preventing cyberattacks and maintaining secure data storage isn’t always easy. With sophisticated hackers finding innovative ways to infiltrate systems and software, it’s vital to implement a comprehensive security strategy such as GTL SOC if you want to keep your company and customers safe.

SOC as a Service at Gemraj Technologies LtdSOC as a Service at Gemraj Technologies Ltd

Businesses tend to use a wide range of systems, software and hardware to create an infrastructure that’s perfectly suited to their needs. Although this approach enables you to operate with maximum efficiency, a custom infrastructure requires bespoke security solutions.

Switching between systems or making data available across multiple platforms could be a security weak point. It’s essential that your security strategy encompasses your entire infrastructure. By doing so, you can ensure your IT systems are impenetrable to unauthorised personnel.

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End Point Detection and Response (EDR)

Protect your data from unwanted risks with GTL SOC

Dealing with today’s cyberthreats requires a fundamentally different approach. GTL SOC brings Unified Next-Generation Endpoint Security in a single platform driven by sophisticated machine learning and intelligent automation.

EDR quickly identifies the root causes of malicious behaviours by diagnosing corrupt source processes and system settings. It also enables you to prevent and detect attacks across all major vectors, rapidly eliminate threats with fully automated policy-driven response capabilities, and gain complete visibility into your endpoint environment with full-context, real-time forensics.

End point detection and response at Gemraj Technologies Ltd
User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA)

Protecting your organisations from within with GTL SOC

GTL SOC analyses the behaviour of your users that leads to network events, creating a base log that can be used to identify malicious or abnormal events.

User Entity Behaviour Analytics- SOC
Security information and event management (SIEM)

Staying ahead of cybersecurity threats is no longer a challenging job.

GTL SOC records, monitors, correlates and analyses the security events of your business in real time. The centralised logging and analysis can lead to increased revenue and improved profit margins as well as better customer relationships and loyalty.

Security Information and Event Management - SOC
Incident Management

Make better decisions for critical incidents in real time with GTL SOC!

Should your business suffer a breach, we at GTL are here to help.

GTL SOC incident management solutions include dealing with a variety of disruptive events and returning the affected systems to normal operations as quickly as possible after an incident occurs. Minimising any negative impact of the event will ensure effective controls.

Incident Management at Gemraj Technologies Ltd.
Forensic Investigation

Analyse risks from within with GTL SOC!

Resolve business disputes, track lost data and uncover hidden material with GTL’s advanced forensic traces. Digital forensics is a specialist field that focuses on the investigation and recovery of digital material. If you’ve ever lost a Word document or had an entire database disappear, a digital forensic investigation and recovery process could be used to find and re-establish your work.

Although digital forensics are routinely used to facilitate criminal investigations, they’re regularly used by businesses too. If your company has faced an online security threat, digital forensics can be utilised to learn more about the threat and to prevent a similar security issue arising again.

Forensic Investigation at Gemraj Technologies Ltd
Threat Intelligence

Predict threats and stay ahead with GTL SOC!

Should your business suffer a breach, we at GTL are here to help. Our threat Intelligence solutions are there to limit the damage, regroup, and ensure effective controls are put in place.

Threat Intelligence at Gemraj Technologies Ltd
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